Getting Started is made up of three modules, which need to be completed before you can be fully appointed. It should be completed within five months of receiving your provisional appointment and is part of the appointments process for your role. On this day we will cover Modules 1, 2* and 3

Module 1: Essential Information This is the basic information that all adults in Scouting need to know. It briefly covers the Fundamentals of Scouting, the key policies of The Scout Association and the support available to adults in Scouting. It is important that you receive this training as early as possible.

Module 3: Tools for the Role (Section Leaders) This contains some basic information about the role and practical help for working within a section. The module covers the key features of the section and how to run suitable games and activities and how to promote positive behaviour.

*Getting Started also requires completion of Module 2: Personal Learning Plan. We will discuss this during the day and how a Training Advisor will help you to get a learning plan in place, to support you and validate them as you complete modules.

The course will be held at Adamswell campsite from 9:30 am and aiming to finish by 4-4:30 pm.

All equipment and materials will be provided as well as tea, coffee and biscuits for breaks. Please bring a packed lunch with you. Uniform is not required. As part of the course will include an outdoor session please wear suitable clothing for a short walk around the campsite.

By applying online you do not need to complete the official Kent Scouts Application Form.

To reserve your place enrol online here.